The Journey Starts Today

Samuel Richard

I am running for the Osborn Elementary School District Governing Board because I believe that creating our next generation of community and business leaders starts in the classroom.

As the son of two public school teachers, I grew up learning about the opportunities and challenges alike that face students, teachers, parents and administrators. My wife, Kim, is also the daughter of two public school teachers – including her mother, who retired with the Osborn District.

Now, as a business and community leader myself, I see the value of our public education system from a renewed perspective: the students of the Osborn Elementary School District will be our next generation of business, nonprofit and government leaders. We must invest in their future now.

Strengthening engagement between teachers and parents, leveraging community partners to maximize excellence, and promoting inclusion and equity in the classroom will be my priorities.

My energy, my perspective and my experience will bring a fresh approach to the Osborn School Board – and I hope you join me as we work to ensure that tomorrow’s leaders are prepared today.